Branding for Aprons.com.au, e-commerce offering the widest range of aprons in Australia.

Identity for the widest range of high-quality aprons in Australia.

Aprons.com.au is owned by Chef Works Australia and previously presented as a secondary website featuring a reduced selection of products.

With a substantial amount of sales and traffic to the website, It was an inevitable progression to develop aprons.com.au’s own branding and voice.

To identify the brand as a provider of fashionable and high quality aprons whilst targeting a wide range of businesses industries including hospitality, agriculture and craft.

The development

The serif A is chosen to recall the fashion aspect of the brand, serif typefaces are commonly associated with fashion brands and publications.

The A is surrounded by two circles; a shape that represents original perfection, reliability, trust and evokes solidity. Both the A and the circle are dashed to represent the stitching, an essential element in garments.

The result

The resulting branding is solid and lends itself to its wide audience by swaying between modern, edgy and traditional thanks to a juxtaposition of elements.

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