Shane Rozario Photography
Branding for Shane Rozario, Sydney based photographer.

Zen School and the
Japanese Woodblock Art

Shane Rozario was looking for a new  brand identity that would reflect the core values of his business.

Shane prides himself on the reliability and professionalism of his services and even more for the friendly and laid-back rapport with his clients.

Such traits can be found in the harmony of the ‘Zen School’ and the craftsmanship of the Japanese ‘Woodblock Art’.

The development

Inspired by Japanese culture and the Zen practice, the logo that takes its shape from traditional Japanese woodblock prints and the artist signatures.

The logo and its elements are generated following the golden ration to achieve a harmonious graphic device.


The result

The letters are generated using the golden ratio to create visual harmony. The letter ‘Z’ – which stands for Zen is repeated and forms an insignia which can then be used for graphic application on various media.

The resulting branding is solid and harmonious, giving Shane Rozario an established but friendly feel.

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